Aug. 29th, 2015

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I know, I know, it's not as solid as the last time around, but the way I see it, the best means of progression would be to bulletproof my 3-mile first, then go for a regular solid 30 minutes, then start adding incline, then start adding speed through sprints. The run the other day was a damn good gut check, but I can't very well do weights afterwards if the run completely smokes me, now can I?

We'll see how it all works out on Monday morning.
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I don't know whether this is a phenomenon exclusive to college gyms, but whenever I see two skinny-ass Asian guys make entry together, I can guarantee that they're going to have no plan at all.

Well, first they're going to lounge around and fuck around with their phones and the gym TV for a bit. Then they're going to go through a routine that looks like it was developed by sticking a list of exercises around a Jackson Pollock painting and letting the paint drip onto it. Just tonight I saw two guys go from stationary bike to dumbbell press to Smith bench (lol Smith machines) within the space of like, five minutes.

Like, can I get this off my chest? I am super-accepting when it comes to forms of PT. Walking, ellipticals, even CrossFit - anything is better than nothing. It's the effort that counts here. It just so happens that sometimes that effort could be better spent, because some ways happen to be a whole lot more efficient at getting you in shape (or are safer) than others. Making a plan, recording results, being consistent - that's what'll get you results. If you go in expecting to pick up gains through osmosis through some random-ass routine you've cobbled together, you're Gonna Have A Bad Time.

Can I give a shoutout to the dudes who came up with the canned fruit cocktail, btw? Mmm simple carbohydrates in a can. Great for when you just smoked yourself.


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