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I used to laugh at the stereotypes of Boston drivers because I thought nobody could drive like that big of an asshole.

Then I came here and found out that yes, they can.
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Julie's graduating June 29th from TBS. That means I have an excuse to drag my godmother along on an almost-weeklong excursion along the East Coast - specifically, DC, Boston, NYC, and whatever else is serviced by the Acela Express.

Anybody local to the area(s) want to chime in on what to see/do and what to skip out on? I've been to NYC before and didn't find it to my liking, but this will be her first time on the east coast.
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I can say only one thing about it:

Buy it.

It's out of stock right now, but if you're a fan of graphic novels, you owe it to yourself to read it. I read it all in one sitting; couldn't put it down.

Buy it.
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Good afternoon, everyone! Because I've discovered how to take screenshots and upload them to Imgur, I've decided to take time out of my day to launch a new series called Jack Plays.

For the next few weeks or months, I'll be playing through SWAT 4, a tactical first-person shooter that docks you points for shooting people.

Snip snip snip! )Snip snip snip! )
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So I'm back up to 188 or so - pounds, that is. BF is...15%, if I'm lucky. The holidays weren't good to me.

Despite that, my aerobic capacity is steadily improving. The runs haven't been giving me as much shit as they used to. I just need to get back on the wagon, so to speak, when it comes to my diet.
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Mile time: 6:56

Pushups: 53 chest-to-ground in 2 minutes

Abdominal crunches: 83 in 2 minutes

Didn't get to pullups today. No big deal - it was a max-effort day anyway. I'll just chill. No boxing club today.
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So my gym's closed on Christmas. Which means I'll have to spend it with my family.

Just take me out back and shoot me already.

(Realistically, I'd have to stay away from the weights anyway - it's a fair bet the pain I've been feeling is tendinitis from overuse. I could still do core work and cardio, though - both of which I need to catch up on.)
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Cardio went okay - experimented with adding an incline to it at the start and the tail end, and didn't die. Knee's still okay, if a little annoying during my recovery. Took a foam roller to my forearms - they're doing better, but we'll see how they do with freeweights. Monday is legs. Tuesday is chest and biceps. Wednesday is back and triceps. I guess I could take Christmas Eve and Day off - buuuuut I don't want to. My family bitches and moans about the pettiest shit - really, the gym is my vacation from them.

I'm kind of curious to see what my FFMI will be after break. I'm looking real lean.
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I thought it was okay.

I mean, I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, so I wasn't invested in the plot more than my cultural obligation as an American required, but it certainly wasn't bad.
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holiday love meme 2015
my thread here

Or I'll steal your lunch money. Nerds. (ง’̀-‘́)ง
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Had to cut biceps and chest short yesterday because of something fucky going on with my arms. It felt like bone pain - which is weird, because I've never had it like that before. Fuck if I know how that came about. For now, I'm upping my calcium intake and giving the arms a rest. Sunday's my run day, and Monday is legs - we'll see how I'm feeling come Tuesday.

(As predicted, two scoops of Platinum Pre has fucked my shit up. I hit the gym at 7 and couldn't go to bed until 2 in the morning.)
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Got hit up on Plurk for a few of my pups. Seeing as how I don't have a clue how Plurk works, I've decided to cut the Gordian Knot and just answer them here.

This is still how cut-text works, right? Good. )
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Ripped off a callus doing biceps and chest on Wednesday. It'll take a while to heal, but at least it's not raw anymore.

Finals are done. With the surplus of free time, I've decided to give Voodoo a hard reboot. Changed up the profile style, got rid of most of the extraneous glut in regards to icons and journal thingydoos, and truncated his profile. He had a lot more journal entries than I thought he would. Deleting them one by one would've been a pain in the ass, so I just set them all to private. It'll make for some bad links in Milliways, but hey, my journal, my rules.

(I should've known LiveJournal would've had Act of Valor screencaps. Why didn't I check before? Because I'm a fucking idiot, that's why.)

Odds still aren't good on a return to Milliways for him. He needs - and I need - a change of scenery. Looking into some good mission-driven games for him on ATP. I think I've already found a few, but apps don't open until January. C'est la vie. Gives me more time to PT and read up for winter quarter.
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The thing that sucks most about steady-state cardio?

I don't have an excuse to get jacked up on preworkout beforehand. Then again, I'll be doing weights six(!) days a week starting tomorrow, so I'll probably burn through it faster than I think I will. I'm sticking to one scoop for now, but I think when I get to the last few servings I'll move up to two scoops - which is about 400 milligrams of caffeine.

I think it'll probably go over something like this.
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I've tried to keep an open mind about Fallout 4 - really, I have. But it's hard to keep up with the "Todd Howard is God" running gag when, judging from all the gameplay walkthroughs I've seen, the closest anyone at Bethesda has gotten to handling a gun is reading a Punisher comic book. Water-cooled assault rifles? Rifles chambered in .45 ACP? Suppressed revolvers?

(Some people knit, others collect stamps. I nitpick pop culture firearms. You have to respect them, okay? Otherwise your game - and by extension, you - looks silly.)

I miss the Josh Sawyer days. That dude knew his firearms - even if (and let's be honest here) New Vegas looked like hammered dogshit and ran buggier than it should've two years after launch. If I'm being entirely honest, I'm holding out for another Obsidian Fallout, since they tend to make the stories in theirs more about the world and its inhabitants than the player character, and I like my Fallout structured better that way.

That being said- I might get 4 for PC once the GotY edition inevitably comes out with all the DLC and patches. I'll really only get it for Piper and Nick Valentine - call it confirmation bias, but what I've been reading over the net suggests it's another "pond" like the rest of Bethesda's RPGs (which is to say, wide yet shallow).
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You know how in Fallout 4 you get special dialogues with a companion if they hate your guts enough? And if you get to a certain point that that companion will ditch you? 

Well, I was thinking about Bethesda maybe doing something around Ronto, and:

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(Context: Julie got a stress fracture during her penultimate week at Quantico.)

Her: So I can take you along to PT with me at Miramar when you're here over winter break. But you have to call me Lieutenant Quinn.

Me: If you start limping, it's gonna be Lieutenant Dan. With the Gump voice.

Me: I can loan you some of my preworkout before PT if you want.

Her: "Loan"? You want me to throw it up when I'm done?

Me: Don't be stupid. I'll bring a hypo along with me and take it out of your bloodstream.

New PRs:

Nov. 7th, 2015 12:57 pm
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Ten, ten pullups! Ah-ah-ah.

Seventy-two, seventy-two pushups! Ah-ah-ah.

One hundred, one hundred abdominal crunches! Ah-ah-ah.

And now I'm more or less stuck indoors today because I basically freeze in anything less than 75 degrees. Dollars to dinars I'll have to put on a jacket to hit the gym down the block.
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