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Jack Plays SWAT 4: Eggrolls with a side of JUSTICE (image-heavy below the cut)

Good afternoon, everyone! Because I've discovered how to take screenshots and upload them to Imgur, I've decided to take time out of my day to launch a new series called Jack Plays.

For the next few weeks or months, I'll be playing through SWAT 4, a tactical first-person shooter that docks you points for shooting people.

"But Jack!" I hear you cry. "A first-person shooter where you lose points for shooting people? That makes no sense!"

To which I say: well, you don't exactly get docked points, you just won't get the full amount. Every mission in SWAT 4 is graded out of a 100-point scale. To get the full 100 points, you'd need to complete all mission objectives, get everyone (civilians and suspects) out of the scene alive and unharmed, secure all evidence (mostly weapons suspects drop), report the status of everyone to the Tactical Operations Center (TOC, for short) after you cuff them, and avoid any injuries to yourself or to your officers. In the early missions, where you'll be facing a couple of untrained gangbangers at most, this is relatively easy. But in the later missions, when you're facing highly trained and organized domestic terrorists in body armor and gas masks? You're gonna want to tear your hair out. To add onto the difficulty, the placement of suspects and civilians is randomly generated with each playthrough.

Luckily, you're not in this alone. Along with your four-man team clearing rooms with you and the TOC talking in your ear is your sniper team, Sierra One and Sierra Two. They join in on some missions to provide you with real-time intelligence, and should you be so inclined, you can take control of them to kill suspects without being penalized for unauthorized use of deadly force afterwards. It's like a free space in bingo - only with bullets and headshots. -you still won't get the full 100 points if you kill them, though.

Combat in SWAT 4 is not like combat in most other first person shooters. You are a police officer, not a soldier - which means you have to play by very conservative rules of engagement. Shooting a suspect on sight will get you docked points for unauthorized use of deadly force. First, you have to press the F key to call compliance ("POLICE! ON THE FLOOR, NOW!" "DROP THE GUN AND PUT YOUR HANDS UP!"). If they resist but don't pose an immediate threat, you can get them to comply through less-lethal means - pepper spray, tasers, beanbag shotguns, pepperball guns, et cetera. You are only authorized to use lethal force in defense of life - whether your own, a fellow officer's, or a civilian's.

Sounds complicated, right? It is - but man is it fun once you get into it.

Anyway! That's enough chit-chat from me - let's get into the missions!

Our very first mission is a high-risk warrant service at a local Chinese hole-in-the-wall called Food Wall. Organized Crime Investigation Division has had this place under surveillance for the past few months, and they're asking us for help serving the warrants. The owner, one Lian Niu, is a part-time gunsmith suspected of dealing in illegal weapons modifications - in this case, fabricating custom high-capacity magazines. Niu does his business in an apartment he maintains above the restaurant - that's where we're likely to find him.

Sounds simple, right? If only. Ten minutes ago, a detective sighted Alex "The Knife" Jimenez entering the restaurant. He's a hitman with Colombian connections, and a key suspect in multiple homicides over the last 18 months. He's probably going in to have modifications made to his personal weapon, a MAC-10 we suspect was used in a recent homicide. Since we want the evidence intact, we're going in with no warning - the restaurant's employees and patrons will still be inside when we make entry.

So, in summary:
- Secure Lian Niu
- Secure Alex Jimenez
- Secure Jimenez's MAC-10
- Secure all civilians

Let's get to work!
Gee, just screams "we failed our last health inspection", right?

The one to the left of the door is Fields - the one just to the right is Jackson. Girard is the man in the middle with the M4A1, and Reynolds is bringing up the rear with the MP5. 

Ah, but what's this? My sniper reports a shady character in Niu's apartment! 

Unfortunately, I shoot low and just break the window and graze his jaw. He makes like Usain Bolt and darts out of sight. 
THIS IS FOR YOUR SHITTY PORK LO MEIN! -other stuff too, I'm sure, but mainly that. 

Girard gets an excuse to break out the flexicuffs while I cover his six. 

This hallway's clear...

So is this one...

I honestly didn't think the women's bathroom in this place would be this clean.

Or the men's, come to think of it.



-just fucking with you. Enjoy the bracelets. 

Mr. Niu left his apartment door open for us! This is extraordinarily considerate of him and not suspicious at all!


Oh well. Worth a shot. 

Walk it off, Reynolds. I know you'll be fine by next mission, anyway. 

Our MAC-10! Though I'll be honest, this strikes me as more of an Uzi. 

Mission complete! To be honest, I probably could've done better, but I was kinda distracted taking screenshots.

Join me next time as we serve another warrant to snatch up the Law School Lyncher! (He's a serial killer. It's kind of messed up because - he's kind of messed up.)