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I can say only one thing about it:

Buy it.

It's out of stock right now, but if you're a fan of graphic novels, you owe it to yourself to read it. I read it all in one sitting; couldn't put it down.

Buy it.
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So my gym's closed on Christmas. Which means I'll have to spend it with my family.

Just take me out back and shoot me already.

(Realistically, I'd have to stay away from the weights anyway - it's a fair bet the pain I've been feeling is tendinitis from overuse. I could still do core work and cardio, though - both of which I need to catch up on.)
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Ripped off a callus doing biceps and chest on Wednesday. It'll take a while to heal, but at least it's not raw anymore.

Finals are done. With the surplus of free time, I've decided to give Voodoo a hard reboot. Changed up the profile style, got rid of most of the extraneous glut in regards to icons and journal thingydoos, and truncated his profile. He had a lot more journal entries than I thought he would. Deleting them one by one would've been a pain in the ass, so I just set them all to private. It'll make for some bad links in Milliways, but hey, my journal, my rules.

(I should've known LiveJournal would've had Act of Valor screencaps. Why didn't I check before? Because I'm a fucking idiot, that's why.)

Odds still aren't good on a return to Milliways for him. He needs - and I need - a change of scenery. Looking into some good mission-driven games for him on ATP. I think I've already found a few, but apps don't open until January. C'est la vie. Gives me more time to PT and read up for winter quarter.
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(Context: Julie got a stress fracture during her penultimate week at Quantico.)

Her: So I can take you along to PT with me at Miramar when you're here over winter break. But you have to call me Lieutenant Quinn.

Me: If you start limping, it's gonna be Lieutenant Dan. With the Gump voice.

Me: I can loan you some of my preworkout before PT if you want.

Her: "Loan"? You want me to throw it up when I'm done?

Me: Don't be stupid. I'll bring a hypo along with me and take it out of your bloodstream.

New PRs:

Nov. 7th, 2015 12:57 pm
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Ten, ten pullups! Ah-ah-ah.

Seventy-two, seventy-two pushups! Ah-ah-ah.

One hundred, one hundred abdominal crunches! Ah-ah-ah.

And now I'm more or less stuck indoors today because I basically freeze in anything less than 75 degrees. Dollars to dinars I'll have to put on a jacket to hit the gym down the block.
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Set a PR for pullups today - six. My twin sister has my fat ass beat by just two. The creatine is doing me good.

Still working my way through the runs and still doing the core work. The ARC has these big old fifteen-pound medicine balls that make Mason twists hurt like a bitch. I think I might be at a slight caloric surplus, but - I dunno, it's a problem but it's not a Problem. I'd track calories if it didn't take so much fucking time. I think I'll just cut grapes out of weekday lunches and cut back from a cup of brown rice at dinner to 1/4th a cup.

GameStop took my PS4 and games (TLoUR, Wolfenstein: TNO, and Alien: Isolation) for $185. Not as much as I could have gotten off Craigslist, but at least they're off my hands now, and $185 can buy a lot of food and supps.

Anyway. That's all I got.
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Sorry for the capslock, but dude, if you were stuck on that fucking thing for three months, you'd be every bit as jubilant as I am right now. I'm back running on it, but not really - it's an interval-based eight-week program my physical therapist gave me. Run for X minutes, walk for Y minutes, repeat for Z sets. After that program's done I'll try for a mile three times a week, then move on to a mile and a half, then two miles, then two and a half, three - you get the picture. My pace is excellent - if I had to guess, I'd say I could keep around 6-minute-mile pace for the first couple of sets, maybe slowing to a 7- or 8-minute mile for the last few.

In other news - I saw the recruiting page for MARSOC and noticed tryouts are not restricted to 03XX MOSes. I might be putting the cart before the horse, but if I do get into the Corps, they say if you can run a 300+ PFT you can take basically anything it dishes out. I'd just need to work on my swimming some - get comfortable in the water and all that.
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I probably shouldn't be as hyped as I am about it, because realistically it's only going to help me with lifts and a little bit with aerobics (in the sense it'll up my lower body strength), but dude, I am ready to freaking crush these lifts after today. I'm already seeing big improvements with pullups and dips - hopefully I can transition to bodyweights with them soon.

The knee is still fucked. I'm foam rolling twice a day, focusing on hip flexors, adduction, abduction, everything the PT says - I even got a brace. I don't even know, man. It's been months and it feels like it's plateauing.

Whatever. All I can do is give it time, right? Fuckin' joints, man.
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So MGS 5: The Phantom Pain just isn't doing it for me. Went into GameStop today to trade it in (along with Ground Zeroes, Arkham Knight, and some TellTale games) for some walkaround money.

What did I ultimately think of it? I don't know - I mean, I guess it'd end up being pretty fun if you had the spare time to dedicate to it as well as the inclination to take the initiative in varying the gameplay, but I don't. Part of it has to do with the plot. To me, Kojima has always seemed like he’s trying to pass judgment on things he’s not really qualified to pass judgment on - stuff like war, soldiering, and the ethics thereof - and maybe this is just a byproduct of my upbringing in the American style of storytelling, but some of the stuff that he seems to think is profound has always seemed long-winded and melodramatic to me.

Aaaaand then there's how he treats his female characters.

(Yeah, this is about Quiet again. Am I going to eat my words? Yeah, a little bit.)

I don't know really what to say except that I find it frustrating that it seems that Kojima decided that overtly sexualizing Quiet was somehow vital to the themes of the game. He can spout all that "BUT SHE NEEDS TO BREATHE THROUGH HER SKIN" stuff all he wants, it doesn't make it any less of a gigantic leap of logic for me. Call me cynical, but it feels more like her aesthetic came about as a result of a directive saying something to the effect of "BY GOD WE'LL HAVE A HALF-NAKED WOMAN IN THIS GAME OR DIE TRYING" than as a result of any serious brainstorming regarding the themes of the game.

I don't think Kojima's a misogynist, I just think he doesn't know any better and mistakes "shock value" for "artistic merit". It’s like getting mad at your dog for licking his balls, or your demented grandpa for forgetting it’s uncouth to drop racial slurs in polite company. You really wish he’d stop, but nothing you do gets through to him, and at the end of the day, as much as you wish it were otherwise, that’s just who he is and what he does.

The knee's a lot better. I've been working on hip adduction/abduction exercises, along with some IT band stuff on the foam roller, and it's gotten to the point where I can barely feel it on my bike anymore. Hopefully by mid-October I'll be able to get back to the squat rack and start loading up on plates, but I'm in no rush to re-injure it. Fortunately, I have blessings to take it slow at boxing conditioning tomorrow.

Went on a little bit of a shopping spree on Optimum Nutrition, too - snagged their Platinum casein and whey lines, along with some fish oil and 2,000 grams of creatine. It's a regular Barry Bonds Starter Kit.

I'm kind of frustrated that I seem to have plateaued at 180 pounds, but I can at least take comfort in the fact that my bodyfat is down to around - I don't know, 17%? 18%? Somewhere in there? Whereas back in February I was at 200 pounds and close to 30% BF. I think part of the reason for the plateau is because I stopped logging stuff in MyFitnessPal - which I will persist in saying I was entirely justified in doing, because there were annoyingly persistent bugs that switched around calories and macronutrients to the extent that the whole exercise was rendered moot. They say that's all fixed now with some new updates.

We'll see, MFP. We'll see.


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