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Jack ([personal profile] thisisnotajournal) wrote2015-12-12 01:03 am
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Ripped off a callus doing biceps and chest on Wednesday. It'll take a while to heal, but at least it's not raw anymore.

Finals are done. With the surplus of free time, I've decided to give Voodoo a hard reboot. Changed up the profile style, got rid of most of the extraneous glut in regards to icons and journal thingydoos, and truncated his profile. He had a lot more journal entries than I thought he would. Deleting them one by one would've been a pain in the ass, so I just set them all to private. It'll make for some bad links in Milliways, but hey, my journal, my rules.

(I should've known LiveJournal would've had Act of Valor screencaps. Why didn't I check before? Because I'm a fucking idiot, that's why.)

Odds still aren't good on a return to Milliways for him. He needs - and I need - a change of scenery. Looking into some good mission-driven games for him on ATP. I think I've already found a few, but apps don't open until January. C'est la vie. Gives me more time to PT and read up for winter quarter.