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I've tried to keep an open mind about Fallout 4 - really, I have. But it's hard to keep up with the "Todd Howard is God" running gag when, judging from all the gameplay walkthroughs I've seen, the closest anyone at Bethesda has gotten to handling a gun is reading a Punisher comic book. Water-cooled assault rifles? Rifles chambered in .45 ACP? Suppressed revolvers?

(Some people knit, others collect stamps. I nitpick pop culture firearms. You have to respect them, okay? Otherwise your game - and by extension, you - looks silly.)

I miss the Josh Sawyer days. That dude knew his firearms - even if (and let's be honest here) New Vegas looked like hammered dogshit and ran buggier than it should've two years after launch. If I'm being entirely honest, I'm holding out for another Obsidian Fallout, since they tend to make the stories in theirs more about the world and its inhabitants than the player character, and I like my Fallout structured better that way.

That being said- I might get 4 for PC once the GotY edition inevitably comes out with all the DLC and patches. I'll really only get it for Piper and Nick Valentine - call it confirmation bias, but what I've been reading over the net suggests it's another "pond" like the rest of Bethesda's RPGs (which is to say, wide yet shallow).

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